1st Annual University of Michigan

Neuroscience Conference

July 25 & 26, 2019

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The First Annual University of Michigan Neuroscience Conference brings together neuroscientists from across all campuses and schools at the University of Michigan. This event focuses on cross-fertilization of ideas and social and scientific interaction for neuroscientists from the large number of departments participating in neuroscience research.

July 25th 5pm-10pm

Location: North Campus Research Complex, Building 18 Large Dining Hall

● Poster Session

● Reception

● Opening Remarks by President Mark Schlissel

● Dinner (included)

● Neuroscience and Society Talk

July 26th 8am-5pm

Location: BSRB Kahn Auditorium and Seminar Rooms

● Seminars by renowned University of Michigan neuroscientists

● Special topics panels

● Data blitz

● Networking lunch (included)